Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Painting, Electricity, and Bathrooms

Today we were put to work right away.  Our first task of the day was to paint the old church building inside and out.  This ended up being a surprise for the Pastor and the children's director of the church. The electricity was hooked and it will remain a secret if it came on the first time or not (until you come to our dinner, at least :)). The bathrooms were mainly lead by the Tico men.  They were putting stucco on the wall and making braces for the roof.  We were invited to a Celebration service tonight.  It was a praise and worship service.  One of the ninas that were have grown close to sang a song at this service for us.  At the end of church, the Pastor and other leaders of the church thanked us and were VERY apprecative of all the work we have done for them.  One thing our group has noticed is that everyone is thanking us for what we have done but really we are the ones that need to give thanks for everything these people have placed in our hearts.  This trip has been an amazing adventure.  We will miss you Costa Rica.

We will be leaving Upala today; therefore, I do not know if I will have any internet to update the remainder of our trip.  I do know the plan is something like this: free day today...end up in Arenal tonight...fly out tomorrrow...be home really late (12:30ish).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Church, Kids, and Movie

Today we went to church in  Mexico de Upala and saw many people we met last year.  The pastor of the church introduced us to the congregation.  A group of us lead the children in song and worship.  The children were able to create bags with the 'Golden Rule' written on them in spanish, "Traten de a los demas como quieren que ellos los traten a ustedes."   The remainder of the day we were able to visit with the children and other members of the church.  We also went for a walk to see the progress of construction on the church we worked on last year.  We went back to the church to show the Jesus movie to the children of the church.  After the movie, we were able to play with them for a little while longer and then we departed for our Costa Rican home.  It was not easy to leave them after only being with them for a day, but their smiles and happiness of us being there will last a lifetime.  On the way home, we were able to see exciting wildlife creatures that we have been looking for...el mono!!! Tonight our devotion was on the beatitudes and how we see them in action while working with the Ticos. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Construction, Kids, Medical, and Clothes

Today was a very busy day.  Construction consisted of continuing to work on the electrical wiring and also work on the new bathrooms.  (I was wrong yesterday in that the wiring is almost finished). 

The medical team showed up and so did all of the people who needed help.  The 2 doctors saw approximately 15 people; however, the 1 dentist saw about 60 people. 

Clothing began in the morning by setting up the clothes on the church pews.  The people lined up in the church to wait for the chance to get a new outfit for each member of their family.  The people of Popoyoapa were very thankful and in need of this clothes.

With the children, our lesson was on the 'golden rule.'  The children were very engaged and into lesson.  They were able to decorate bags with the rule written on them as well as their own flare.  We were also able to give each child a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a piece of candy.  The smiles on the childrens faces when they recieved their bags and materials was special. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Construction, Children, and Movies

Today was the main day of construction.  Our team began to install electrical wiring and the walls of the new bathrooms.  Our activities included getting the electrical wiring correctly calculated and in place. We have 3 light fixtures set-up and from what it looks like almost ready to be hooked up.  Los banos (The bathrooms) have the walls up and completed.  A couple of groups set out to spread the word of God to the surrounding community.  We met a lot of people that were seeking prayers from us for various reasons.  There were not very many children that came around today; however, with the few that came we had a small lesson on being fishers of men.  The children enjoyed the fish craft that we brought with us and wore them the rest of the day.  In the evening, we hosted a movie night featuring The Jesus film.  We had about 20 people attend including children. Buenas noches!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting to know Popoyoapa

The day's plan: get to know the children and find the supplies needed.  Upon arrival, the church of Popoyoapa provided us with snacks and drinks to show their appreciation for us coming to help their church. Getting to know the children around Popoyoapa was an exciting experience.  At first, the children were very timid and shy.  Their shyness was quick to disappear when soccer balls, frisbees, and a parachute were brought into the pitcure.  Today, the men of the church dug a hole for the septic tank and all of the supplies were purchased.  The supplies for the construction of the church was a long success: two nice sink cabinets and light fixtures were donated as well as free delivery (which is not common here).  After unloading all of the materials from the vans, our group met back at the hotel for a yummy chicken dinner and a devotion.  The devotional was based on individual reasons for us being here to carry out God's work.

We are here!!

We have made it to Upala, Costa Rica. We got here about 10:30 (12:30 USA) last night. Shortly after our arrival we had a devotional by Pastor Minor on the importance of us being here and doing the work of God. We woke up to a beautiful rainy morning and a delicious breakfast. Today we are going to visit our sites and make a plan. We are also going to begin working with the children!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Almost That Time Again!!!

Less than a week from now, 13 SPC mission team members will have bags packed and arrived in Costa Rica.  I am so excited for this trip.  Last year was amazing and I can not wait to see what is in store for this year.  We will have several more CCI folks joining us as well this year.   We are still looking for someone to fill a spot and come join us.  I highly encourage taking advantage of this exciting and helpful opportunity.  This is an experience you can only truly understand by being a part of it.  Also, thanks to everyone that has supported this trip!

I will be updating this blog again nightly so feel free to check in.  We love to hear from y'all in the comment section below.  I also hope to be posting some videos this year...given all technology is working together!