Monday, June 26, 2017

Blog Location Changed

It's almost time for the Summerville Presbyterian mission team to head back to Costa Rica to serve God. If you would like to continue to follow our journey, I have moved the blog to the Summerville Presbyterian Church website. You can access the mission blog from the following link:
SPC Costa Rica Mission Trip Blog

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We are home!

We have made it home safely! Big thanks to Hank Legare for picking us up!!!! What an amazing trip this has been! Thank you for your prayers and support!

It's time to go

We are all backed up and ready to go. It is now time to head to the airport. Next stop, the United States. 

Please pray for our safe travels!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Isla Tortuga

Today was excursion day. We went to Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island). Alejandro was one of our tour guides today. We had lots of fun snorkeling and hiking. While snorkeling, we got to see lots of different fish. We held starfish and a sea cucumber. In the island, the group split into two groups. One group went hiking and saw some of God's amazing work (come to our dinner and you can see too). The other group stayed in the beach area, hung out, went shopping, and relaxed. 

Alejandro and his family joined us back at our hotel. We got to spend the evening getting to know his family and playing with his children. 

Our trip has turned from happy to sad in almost a instant as hellos have turned into goodbyes and see you laters. This trip has come to an end but there will be more hellos in the years to come. 

Please pray for continued improvements in health and for safe travels tomorrow! 

We love you all and see you soon!

Here are some pictures from today:

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Iglesia (church)

Today, we got the opportunity to join Pastor Minor's church for service. Our friends from the week, Kend and Jasmin, sang the music for service. Pastor Minor gave a sermon on the world needing to 'stay human'. In children's church, the kids of the church made us a thank you sign and thank you cards. After service, we stayed and spoke with the people we have been working with all week. After that, we left for the hotel. The group agreed to stay at the hotel for dinner and devotion. 

Please continue to pray for the health of our team members! Thank you for you continued prayers and support!

Look what happened today:
    Jasmin and Kend singing in church
    Andres being a rockstar at translating
    Our thank you sign from the kids
    Having some fun

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Change in Plans

Today's plan didn't go as planned! Haha...does it ever?! The group that we thought was going to help us today with older kids activities in the evening was actually scheduled for next week instead of this week. However, we made do and created another day of children's activities! In the morning, we set out to make sure the kids knew we were going to have activities with them today (as we had already told some earlier in the morning that we were not). Lots of kids showed up for the lesson and we played into the darkness with the children. It was a great day! He always knows the best plan!

With construction, they got the new washroom door up and sturdy. Lee and Wayne put up a new partition in the bathroom to seperate the bathroom from the washroom. Joe, Alejandro, and Minor put the ceiling up in the kitchen. Another hard day's work for these men! 

A few members from our team haven't been feelings well. Please pray for health of our team! And as always, thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Here are some pictures from the day:
    Sturdying the door
    A break with our new tico friends 
    Inviting children (this is Noella, Minor 
    and Flor's daughter)
    Cutting wood
    Marinez leading energizers 
    Playing with the children
    Putting up the frame of the partition
    Putting up the ceiling in the kitchen

Friday, June 24, 2016

Mas trabajo y divertido (more hardworking and fun)

The day started off like any other....with sweating 😅! When we first got to the church this morning, we split into two groups. One group would continue to work with construction and the other group would go out and invite children to the activities in the afternoon. 

The constructions group had a hard day ahead of them but conquered it gracefully! They put in the door that leads to where the new wash area will be in the morning. In the afternoon, construction began on assembling the ceiling inside of Pastor Minor house. To picture what it looked like before this, picture your living room and kitchen without a ceiling. This was a much needed change. 

The other group set out around the community to remind and invite children to the afternoon activities. When we returned to the church, we were put to work cleaning the outside of the church. Surrounding the church was a lot of discarded, used and broken, construction materials and trash. It was during this time that we discovered Costa Rica's cockroach. I promise you I will only tell the truth here on this blog! It was larger than the South Carolina palmetto bugs!  In fact, it puts the palmetto bug to shame! 😱 See below! Once we collected ourselves from unexpected guests and had Andres presearch our cleaning area, we continued on our clean up journey! We finished just in time to take a short rest before the children came! Stacy and Andres, once again, entertained and taught an engaging lesson on Joseph. Unfortunately today, we were unable to go to the plaza to play with the children. We could not go because of all the rain. Naturally, we found ways to have fun around the church. Sarah and Caitlin found mud to play and/or slip in. Lee and Validia (a new little Tica friend) jumped in puddles together. Conversations were ahd and new bonds of friendship were created. 

The night ended with dinner at the hotel and a moving devotion lead by Pastor Minor. 

Gracias para los oraciónes y soporte!

Here are some pictures from the day:
    Finishing the doorframe 
    Putting in the ceiling 
    Almost done with this room
    Making the cut to fit in the ceiling
    The beginning of cleaning
    The cockroach...😱 
   More cleaning 
    Children's Bible Study
    Children's activities
   Jumping in puddles
    Haha...I'm just going to leave this here!